Learn Something New Every Day

sunriseManyThings.org is a great ESL website that has “many things” for you to do to help with your English studies.  On their Daily Page, they have new things every day that you can use to practice your English.  Each day you will find a new slang term, grammar quiz, listening exercise, and pronunciation practice.  This is a great way to start off each day with a little English practice!


Business English Practice

businessLooking for a new job?  Then you might want to brush up on your business English vocabulary in order to make the best impression possible on your next job interview.  Learning the most accurate business vocabulary, phrases, expressions, and jargon is very important if you want to find a job in the English speaking world.  At this website you’ll find exercises that will help you learn the vocabulary most commonly used in the medical field, information technology, accounting, sales and marketing, as well as general business terms.


Adjective or Adverb?

badlyHaving trouble deciding between bad and badly; happy and happily; or quick and quickly?  Then you might need to practice your adjective and adverb use.  Print out these helpful practice sheets and have a great time!  The answers are at the bottom of the sheet, so you can test yourself or ask your teacher for more help.





Have, Has & Had

to-haveThe main thing you need to keep in mind with “have” and “has” is that…you generally use HAVE with (I, you, we, they) and you use HAS with (she, he, it) in the simple present and present perfect forms.  You use HAD with (I, you, she, he, it, we, they) in the simple past and past perfect forms.  Of course, things get a little more complicated when you start mixing auxiliary and main verb forms of “to have”, so you might need to practice a little more in order to get it right every time.