Sound Like a Native

Collocations are two or more words that usually go together and sound more natural to native speakers.  For instance, instead of saying “have a break” native speakers would say “take a break.”  Instead of saying “make a crime” native speakers would say “commit a crime.”  Instead of saying “wash the dishes” native speakers would say “do the dishes.”  It’s not necessarily that the other sentences are wrong, it’s just not how native English speakers talk.

Vowel Sounds

parrotPracticing your pronunciation of English is very important if you want to be understood when speaking.  Students from different countries have a variety of different pronunciation problems when learning English due to the fact that they are not used to forming their mouths or tongues in the way that is required to pronounce the English words properly, which is true for most foreign languages.  So, in order help you improve your pronunciation of English, try practicing with some of the following links.