Idioms Crossword Puzzle

crosswordDo you like English idioms?  Do you like crossword puzzles?  Well, then you’ll love this English Idioms Crossword Puzzle!  This game uses 32 common idioms that are used in everyday English and places them in a fun and easy to do crossword puzzle.  Print out the pages, but don’t look at the third page because those are where the answers are.  When you’re finished you can check your answers to see how well you know your English idioms!

Word Search Puzzle: Colors

word-search-main_FullWant to take a quick break from your studies by playing a fun quiz?  Then take a few moments to do this word search puzzle and find the 15 hidden colors that are lost in the puzzle grid.  You might want to print it out to make it easier to search.  The first link is the puzzle itself and the second link shows you where the colors are hidden in the puzzle.



Prepositions of Location Activities

Preposition BallsLearning your Prepositions of Location can be confusing when you are first learning English.  So, take a few minutes to practice what you have learned in class and try your luck on one of these fun activity sheets.