Pronunciation Podcasts

blabIf you want to practice your English pronunciation skills, you need to listen to words and sounds closely so that you can understand those little differences between similarly sounding words.  You can do this by listening to the radio, speaking with native speakers, or listening to pronunciation tapes.

Here you will find links to several pronunciation lessons that you can listen to and read along with in order to properly pronounce your English words.

Lesson 1:

Lesson 2:

Lesson 3:

Lesson 4:

NorthStar Audio Lessons

northstar_ls_basIf you are using the NorthStar Listening and Speaking books, then you can access audio lessons that go with your book on-line.  You will first need to sign up for a password and then log in to the NorthStar audio page.  Choose the book number you are using, then the chapter you want to listen to, and you’re on your way!  If you are using the computer lab, you will need to bring in your own headphones or purchase some from the front desk for just $1.00.

Learn Something New Every Day is a great ESL website that has “many things” for you to do to help with your English studies.  On their Daily Page, they have new things every day that you can use to practice your English.  Each day you will find a new slang term, grammar quiz, listening exercise, and pronunciation practice.  This is a great way to start off each day with a little English practice!

Read Along With Songs

karaokephoto_000Songs are a great way to learn and practice English, especially if you can see the written words  at the same time that they are being heard.  At ELLLO, there is a song page that has several different songs to choose from and when you click on it the words appear on the screen Karaoke-style as the music plays.  This is a fun and entertaining way to improve your grammar, pronunciation, reading, and idiom skills.