Business English Practice

businessLooking for a new job?  Then you might want to brush up on your business English vocabulary in order to make the best impression possible on your next job interview.  Learning the most accurate business vocabulary, phrases, expressions, and jargon is very important if you want to find a job in the English speaking world.  At this website you’ll find exercises that will help you learn the vocabulary most commonly used in the medical field, information technology, accounting, sales and marketing, as well as general business terms.

Confusing English Words

English can be confusing for second language learners because there are so many similar words to choose from.  Unfortunately, the only way to improve your English fluency is to practice, practice, practice!  So, try taking these quizzes to help you with some commonly confused English words.  After you complete each quiz, look up the ones you got wrong in the dictionary to learn what the word means and how to use it properly.  You can also check out the last link that has a database of over 3000 confusing words with examples of how to use them correctly.

Add New Vocabulary Every Day

vocabularyNeed to add some more vocabulary words to your studies?  In order to become fluent in English, you need to learn new vocabulary words every day and use them in conversations.  Get a notebook, some flashcards, or use a computer program like Word or Excel, and add at least five new English words every day.  Look up their definitions in the dictionary, write them in sentences, add them to your daily conversations, and practice their pronunciation.  This will help you remember and understand them quickly.

Beginning Reading Comprehension

couple-reading-booksDo you truly understand what you’re reading?  Comprehending or “understanding” what you are reading is very important when learning to speak English.  The more you read the more you will learn and the better you will understand how English is spoken.  So, try reading these short articles and then answering the questions below.  Don’t worry if you don’t understand everything at first, just keep trying and soon you will find that you are reading, speaking, and understanding English better and better every day.